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Free home study course: Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness


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Course suitable for: therapists and other professionals dealing with those on the BPD spectrum, personal development,
Level: skills and knowledge development, CPD 
Availability: worldwide

About the course

Borderline personality disorder is a condition that affects a person’s emotions, behaviour and thoughts. It is most often diagnosed after the age of 18, though occasinally it's younger.

‘Borderline’ was originally used because the condition was considered to be on the ‘border’ of other psychiatric problems. Some people feel that this is no longer the most appropriate term to use, but so far it remains the most common diagnosis, although Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD) is also sometimes used.

Clients look to therapists in many different disciplines in order to work through periods of emotional distress. Inevitably, a proportion of these (no matter what their presenting issue) will have a more serious mental health problem such as BPD. This course will expand your background knowledge so that you can recognise and understand the symptoms, and how it affects people's every day lives. It will help you decide whether you can work with clients safely and appropriately, or whether a referral needs to be made.

ACCPH.CPDTime taken to complete the course varies quite a bit depending how much additional reading and research you choose to undertake, but our guide is around 12-15 hours.

This BPD Awareness course is accredited at CPD level by the ACCPH.



Feedback on this course

A very informative course about Borderline Personality Disorder (BDP) - what it is, how it’s treated, protocols and how to access support and advice within the local community. A very useful addition and CPD for any practicing therapist. A Ralph

A very comprehensive and enjoyable course. Very clear explanations of a complex subject. V Groom-White

I found the course very informative. It has enhanced my knowledge of Borderline Personality Disorder. The research  was very interesting and it was good to be engaged in something very interesting. I personally find Mental Health a vast subject, that has many facets to it. To be able to look at one small area was fascinating. I would like to be able to do more courses like this. Mental health is still such a taboo subject, but courses like this help and encourage education and conversation. S Cohen

How to enrol

Read the terms and conditions here then just complete the enrolment form and we will send you the course material via email as soon as we can. We normally respond to correspondence within 24 hours but it may take longer at holiday times, or busy periods.


Terms & Conditions

By enroling in this free course, you are agreeing to be signed up for our monthly newsletter, full of hints, tips and training opportunities. And discount codes for other courses on this site! You can unsubscribe from the newsletter - and the discount codes - at any time and keep the course.

You are not obliged to undertake any additional training with us, although if you are interested in learning more you will find we offer other courses on a variety of topics, all of which are listed on this site.

The course comes with free email support for three months after you receive it. If you complete the course within this time frame you will also receive

  • free feedback on your completed workbook
  • a free certificate of completion emailed to you in pdf format

If you complete the course more than three months after it has been sent to you, you will, of course, still have all the knowledge and information within it. If you want us to give support, feedback on your workbook and a certificate after the 3 month deadline, an admin charge of £15 will be made to cover our time.


What is covered in this course and what will I receive?

You will receive course notes in pdf format and a workbook. We cannot provide free courses in hard copy.

Table of contents:

• Introduction
• Tasks and additional resources
• What is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)/Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD)
• Definitions
• Personality Disorders
• Day to day effects of BPD
• How others might see someone with BPD
• The cause of BDP
• Self harm
• Suicide
• BPD and emotions
• Latest theories about BPD
• Poorly integrated sense of self
• Highly negative feelings about the self
• Dealing with emotional experiences
• The failure of separation
• The world from the perspective of someone with BPD
• How is BPD/EUPD treated?
• Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
• The Psychodynamic Approach
• Medication
• Hospitalisation
• Physiological elements of BPD
• What is Mindfulness?
• Information to give to someone who may have BPD or their familie
• Advice for families and friends
• Advice for therapists dealing with clients who have BPD


Course author: Mike O'Sullivan
This course was previously available through the College of Integrated Therapies. Responsibilty for course content and intellectual property rights remain with the author, we are the sole authorised re-distributor.


Reminder - how to enrol

Read the terms and conditions here, then ask us for the course and we will send you the material via email as soon as we can. We normally respond to requests within 24 hours but it may take longer at holiday times, or busy periods.


We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

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